Advisory Services

A CBTC Solution depends on the Transit Authority’s operational environment.

I spend time understanding the environment then advise on the appropriate solution

I offer the following advisory services but I can craft a different engagement if required.

Please inquire.

Risk ASSESSMENT, Analysis & Mitigation

An advance CBTC solution touching every aspect of the Authority’s operational environment comes with its own set of technical and schedule risks.

Each project may be unique but when several projects are viewed together, undeniable risk patterns emerge that can be predicted and mitigated in advance.

Having worked on 8 CBTC projects around world gives me the ability to view your project under the light of my previous experience to highlight the technical and schedule risks your project will face and advise on possible mitigations.

Perform a Complete Technical review

Does the final solution proposed by the Supplier address your operational needs?

I can perform a complete technical review, identify the gaps in the final design and advise on possible solutions.

Construct a Concept of Operations (ConOps)

Understanding the needs of your frontline personnel is the first step in understanding the type of CBTC system your railroad needs; and a ConOps is a tool created for this purpose.

A properly researched ConOps will illustrate the railroads operating environment and highlight sore points your personnel deal with day-in and day-out when delivering service.

I’ve created a 6 step process to write a ConOps (view my 6 Steps to Create a ConOps webinar for details). Using this process I engage your frontline personnel to understand what they go through when delivering service and pull out their most critical concerns preventing them from doing their job.

Only after understanding their concerns can we determine what kind of CBTC solutions is appropriate for your property.

Customize Your CBTC Solution

Every CBTC solution must be customized due to the Authority’s unique operating environment but what part of the solution can be customized?

Working as a CBTC designer for 15+ years, I know where a Supplier can be pushed and the areas that can’t be touched. After understanding your operating environment, I would advise on the customization needed for your transit property.

Create Conceptual Designs

Conceptual designs are the first step in the customization process and a critical one. If the Authority defines the wrong concept, the final application will miss its mark and the implementation will be less than what the Authority expects.

I’ve learned hard lessons over 8 different CBTC projects around the world that feed my concepts and serve my clients.

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