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Learn the 6 Steps to Create a Concept of Operations Document 

Learn how Transit Operators can identify their unique CBTC requirements by writing a concept of operations document (ConOPs)

Every transit property is unique and CBTC technologies must adapt to meet the Operator's needs. But the Operator must understand  what their frontline-users (maintenance personnel, operators, train drivers) expect/need by writing a ConOps. 

A properly written ConOps highlights the Operator's expectations, allowing the Supplier to deliver a CBTC solution perfectly suited for their operational environment. After listening to this webinar you will:

  • Learn the 6 step to create a ConOps document for a CBTC system
  • Identify the stakeholders and their expectations of the CBTC solution
  • Define the desired CBTC system capabilities based on stakeholder expectations
  • Establish the operational scope of the system
  • Identify external interfaces

There is no substitue for a properly written ConOps.

Download the ConOps template after watching the recording

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Download the ConOps Template

Download the Concept of Operation template referred to in the webinar. The template has a table of contents with commentary for each section to assiSt