Are you concerned about a lack of CBTC expertise on your team? 

Are you Wondering?

  • How can I develop a CBTC specification that fits the needs of my transit agency?
  • What are the key CBTC functions I need to focus on? 
  • Does my team have the right mix of CBTC experience?

Or are you tired of going down a design path only to realize it's the wrong path? If so, you're in the right place.

I can deliver your CBTC project because I've helped deliver 7 CBTC projects around the world. 

Hi, my name is Naeem Ali. 

I'm a Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) specialist and I help transit agencies deploy CBTC technologies on their property. 

I've been working in this niche industry for 15+ years and I understand what it takes to deliver a CBTC solution and what key features Transit Agencies need.

My portfolio of projects includes:

  • Toronto Transit Commission (Canada): Yonge University Spadina Line CBTC upgrade.   
  • Singapore NSEW (Singapore): NSEW Line CBTC upgrade.
  • Makkah Metro (Saudi Arabia)*: Designed, developed and deployed a CBTC solution to move pilgrims during Hajj.
  • Busan Gimhae (South Korea)*: Developed a CBTC solution for a new line.
  • Las Vegas Monorail (USA)*: Developed the first radio based CBTC solution in the industry. 
  • Newark Airport (USA)*: Extension of an existing CBTC line.
  • Jacksonville Monorail (USA)*: Extension of an existing CBTC line

* While employed at Thales

However, my experience is not one dimensional. I also speak at industry conferences and exchange ideas with other experts in forums such as:

  • University of Toronto - Guest speaker for a course on Public Transit - Conventional vs CABS vs CBTC Signalling and their Impact on Capacity 
  • IRSE Seminar 2016 - Speaker - Safe Braking Model Explained
  • IRSE CBTC Conference 2016 - Speaker - Vehicle Centric CBTC Architecture & Train to Train Communication  
  • Rail Safety Seminar 2016 - Co-presenter - How CBTC can Increase Safety for Railroads
  • Rail Safety Seminar 2017 - Co-presenter - AREMA vs CENELEC - What You Need to Know for Cross Approval.

My clients benefit from the lessons I've learned from the projects I've delivered and the experts I interact with.

I can connect you to other experts

My work has introduced me to other CBTC experts who I call upon when their expertise is needed. These connections come from a variety of backgrounds including systems, safety, software, hardware and verification & validation engineers. 

I can tap into this pool if my clients need their expertise. 

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Naeem was handed a project many felt was impossible to deliver on time and successfully navigated the many problems and roadblocks to achieve success. His project was even recognized by the Thales corporate group with a special award for these achievements. In my 30 years working in this industry, there are only a handful of Engineers that I would have the same confidence in handing a difficult project and such a demanding customer.

Firth Whitwam - Director of Engineering Thales Canada

Naeem did an outstanding job in performing the Principal System Engineer role for the Makkah Metro Project which was one of Thales' fastest signalling project in an extremely difficult environment and under very challenging circumstances. Not only did he an excellent engineering job but he also managed to gain respect by all parties as a competent and solution oriented leader - the Saudi Arabic end customer, the Chinese prime contractor and the various International Thales stake holders. As such he was a key member in the Project Management Organisation.

Jörg-Michael (Mike) Knabe - VP Operations Thales Canada